Toward Better Government

There are many complaints about the current government in the United States.  In a move Toward Better Government, we need to establish positive principles that will result in what we desire.

Those who want a Constitutional government should establish a congress that will meet at least once a year to create documents that formalize accepted principles.

There are some amendments to the U.S. Constitution that need to be repealed.  A Constitution revised by the congress should be the working document of the congress.

This congress may choose to establish a shadow government.  This congress should aim for peaceful revolution in the U.S.A., but should leave itself open to and equip itself to govern a group of States should they see secession to be their only option.

This congress should establish itself as one with a Christian world view. One way to do this would be to make it a “Christian congress”. Another way would be to establish world view principles that are Christian. The result would be the same. The reason for this provision is that the Christian world view is different from any other in the world. A new or revised government should not have to fight an endless world view battle.

The menu for this page contains categorized principles that should be on the agenda of this congress.

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