Will God Upset Human History Soon?

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Last year, about this time, my wife and I felt that it was highly likely that Jesus would fulfil His promise to come back and catch away (rapture) those who trust Him for their eternal salvation.  The fact is that He hasn’t told us when He will come, only that He will.

We wrote a letter that we distributed to our friends, business contacts and social contacts.  We asked them to receive Jesus as Lord, so that they might be raptured and thus avoid that terrifying period called by the Bible, the Great Tribulation, the Big Trouble.  Some folks replied saying that we were crazy.  As far as I know, none turned to Christ.  But their blood is not on our hands.  We did what we could.

Now, we’re at a point almost a year later.  The conditions that made us think He might come last year are even more pronounced this year, namely the fact that Israel stands alone, with no friends among the nations, but with many enemies who have every intention of destroying God’s people, if they are able.

We think that there’s a good argument to be made that the time of Jesus appearance will be at this time of year, but that’s not what I want to discuss now, for arguments are, in the final analysis, useless.  We should all be ready now.  We should be ready, not in order to escape the terrible time to come, but because we love our Lord and Savior!

One of the things that many believers are doing is to put references on the Internet so that those who are shocked into reality by the disappearance of their loved ones will have some idea of what they might do.  Here is a video that addresses itself to people left behind.

PDF transcription of the video in English
Videon tekstitys suomeksi (PDF)

In addition to this, there is, on this site, a link to selections from Rapture Ready, another site that wants to help people left on earth when Jesus comes back.

As you can well imagine, Jesus has not come back as of this writing.  We believe that He is coming back soon, but we don’t know when.  When He does, we will not be able to offer any help, for we’ll be gone.  We are offering what we can.

Please!  Receive Jesus as your Lord now! Join us believers when Jesus catches us away to be with Him forever. Enjoy the side benefit of avoiding the seven years of Great Tribulation.


  • Dave says:

    I do not believe that the conditions have been met. All nations must know Christ Jesus. We are getting closer to the goal. It is possible in our lifetime, but it does not give a timeframe after that goal has been met.

  • Hi.
    I found your Web Site by Google
    And I wish you the best you can get,
    the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

    Welcome to visit my Site.
    Allan Svensson, Sweden

    The Bridegroom comes, Come out to meet him. Matt. 25:6.
    From where shall we go out? We shall go out of the great
    Babylon, the great whore. Rev. Chapter 17 and 18. This
    command of the Lord in Rev. 18:4 is now highly topical.

    Never before we have been so nearly Jesus’ coming as we
    are now, but how are God’s people prepared? How is the
    unity in the faith? Sorry, very bad! God’s people are more
    divided now than ever before. Instead of following what
    the Bible teaches about the Assembly of God, they have
    followed Satan’s false assembly doctrine. They believe
    that the Assembly of God is constituted of church systems
    and many religious organizations.

    Most Christians have not yet begun to prepare for Jesus’
    coming. They can speak and write that Jesus shall come,
    and about the signs of the time, yet they do not make any
    preparation to meet Jesus. How can we make a preparation?
    To make preparation and be ready for Jesus’ coming, God’s
    people must get the knowledge of the Assembly of God.

    All God’s people must in the first hand begin to study what
    the Bible teaches about the Assembly of God. What we
    need now before the restoration of the Assembly of God,
    it is humility before God’s word and a forgivable disposition
    to each other.

    The Assembly of God is no Pentecostal church. Please,
    consider what this expression “the Assembly of God” in the
    reality implies. The Assembly of God must be the same as
    the Greek word “ekklesia”, and the Body of Christ. 1 Cor.
    12:12-31. Then it is easy to understand that this has nothing
    to do with the Pentecostal Movement. Pentecostal churches
    have existed about 100 years, but the Assembly of God has
    ever existed since Jesus baptized his first disciples by the
    Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave them the new life in Christ
    so that they became born anew. Then the Assembly of God
    was born.

    The Bridegroom comes, Come out to meet him

    Evil spirits in the churches

    The great Apostasy

    What does hinder the Antichrist to appear?
    What is the Restrainer?

    KJV, “the best English Bible” but not perfect

  • ohota says:

    Thank you! I added this page to bookmark)) I think would be useful …

  • Hellwalker says:

    I believe all the conditions have been met. Christian television and radio has broadcast( whether we agree doctrinaly or not) the gospel across the world to the remote areas. I am in the remote part of Nigeria in the delta working. I work with expats from around the world. I gather even india has been atleast reached by broadcast. When… 24 seconds, 24 minute, 24 hours, 24 weeks,, 24 years, 240 years… here is what I know about our upcomming flight, I have my ticket they have announced the boarding call, but we have seats available and the departure time is set, you better hurry if you want to catch the flight, please don’t assume we have not been cleared to taxi to the runway, please don’t assume the flight will be postphoned…you do the advanced check in procedure today.

  • Foi muito gratificante encontrar este site, e ouvir e falar sobre a vinda de Jesus Cristo.
    Muitas coisas estão acontecendo e muito rápido.

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