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Christian, Are You Living in Sin?

Posted by Alan on March 7, 2008 with 4 Comments
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The usual thought that comes to mind when the phrase “living in sin” is used is that of a couple living together without being married.  For most people who subscribe to the idea, being legally married is enough to avoid this judgment call, although is some churches, being married in and/or with the blessing of that church is necessary.  I’d like to propose that a Christian can be married legally and in the church and still be living in sin.

First, let us define “sin”.  In this context, sin is to fall short of God’s expectations of us.  We have all done this.  Hence, we are all sinners.  To be “living in sin”, therefore, is to continue, over a period of time that includes the present, in a manner of life that God does not want us to live in.  This condition is not a “slip up”, but rather a decision to live a certain way.


Marriage strike?

Posted by Alan on November 19, 2007 with 3 Comments
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In these days where women can divorce their husbands for no legitimate reason, denying daddies the right to rear their own children and using child support judgments to ruin them financially, some men are fighting back.  Having suffered from this, I want to link to a site that proposes that laws might be reformed if men refuse to marry and have children.

Understanding God’s Word

Posted by Alan on November 13, 2007 with 4 Comments
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We Christians are said to be “people of the book”, that is to say that our faith hinges upon the authority of the written Word of God. While it is true that many Christians base their faith upon what their denomination teaches or their preacher says, behind these two still lies the understanding that the […]