Christian, Vote in Faith, Not in Fear

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Voting for Obama is to vote for the destruction of America as we know it.  The America given to us by our Founding Creationists is long gone.  Christian, I implore you, Don’t vote out of fear.  Fear is Satan’s weapon.  To quote a preacher from the past, “It is never right to do wrong and it is never wrong to do right.”

If you think that a vote for a third party is a vote for Obama, then you should not do it.  I don’t think that how either you or I as individuals vote is going to turn the election one way or the other.  The issue is what our decision making process about this and many other issues says about our trust and reliance on God.  In the final analysis, He is the One Who will decide the election.  He has had His hand on America.  He still has His Almighty hand on America, either for blessing or for judgment.  We know what we deserve.  We know a little of His grace.  We don’t know how His plans for the introduction of His visible empire are going to play out.  Vote in faith, not in fear.  Rest in the confidence not that the best candidate will win, but that God’s will shall be done.

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.”  — George Washington


  • ThirstyJon says:

    Hello Alan! Thanks for your digg and your comments.

    I voted for John McCain today. Out of faith and appropriate fear. My father, who was a construction worker who walked around on beams in very high places, taught me that there was a very good place for fear in life! God gave us fear, but we are not to be ruled by it.

    I am not ruled by fear. Unfortunately, there is a lot to be afraid of in Barack Obama and in the Socialist like Democratic Party. Barack Obama poses a significantly greater threat to our liberty than McCain in almost any area. Religious Liberty, Abortion, Economics.

    McCain is not perfect. But I will not vote for a third party in a presidential election as long as the system remains where it is, unless both candidates represent the same threat to liberty. In this case, they do not.

    I suspect that the third party pushers that I know personally (I am not referring to you, because I do not know you personally) are actually a bit frustrated and desperate, and thus come up with the “Chuck Baldwin is the only…” type stuff.

    Chuck Baldwin is not our only hope. Alan Keyes is not our only hope. Ron Paul (Republican) was never our only hope, but even Ron Paul holds to his third party ideals (he is still a member of the libertarian party) while working to take over and influence one of the major parties. Ron Paul is a free man above and beyond the regular parties, and he is also a carefully strategic voice within them.

    Consider these articles by Gary DeMar, who makes great arguments that it is more strategic to try and take over a major party than to go with a third party, at least at this time in history and at this place in our system.

    I urge everyone to consider not voting third party, but consider getting behind McCain, praying like crazy, and working hard to nominate different options in the next primaries.

  • admin says:

    Hello Jon,

    So you voted for John McCain as you said “out of faith and appropriate fear.”

    There are different kinds of fear and there are different kinds of courage. I admire the courage that enables men to walk the high steel. I don’t have it. I have too great a fear of falling. The knowledge that I do not judge relative distances well gives me an appropriate fear of doing what your father does.

    A couple of years ago a young man told me that I exhibited great courage. (He used different language.) I didn’t think it was courage at all, but maybe it was. I won’t repeat the story because it’s on my blog (He Restoreth My Soul). The bottom line is that I became convinced of what God wanted me to do, what He was offering me, and I considered the fear of the unknown in that far country to be inappropriate. A couple of years have gone by since I wrote that story and I’ve been confirmed in my decision to live by faith rather than by fear.

    The key word is appropriate. I will not vote for McCain because I believe that he will betray the likes of you, just as Jimmy Carter betrayed people like me who voted for him back in 1976. But I didn’t know the things about Carter that you know about McCain. You are hoping that his electioneering rhetoric, which is not consistent with his senate voting record, shows the true McCain. I believe that his deeds show the real him. Consider that he has just voted to tax you in order to bail out the foolishness of Wall Street. (Oversimplification, but you understand what I mean.)

    John McCain’s voting record is offensive to the United States’ Constitution and offensive to a Christian walk. To vote for him is to vote for the lesser of two evils, Obama being the greater evil. You believed that you had to vote for the one evil to prevent the other evil. But you still voted for evil.

    I agree that there is a lot to be afraid of in Barack Obama and his party. There is a lot to be afraid of in Satan. Your vote for McCain says “Let us do evil that good may come.” (Romans 3:8) The “good” in this case is the supposed prevention of a greater evil. This attitude is why righteousness is abandoned in our nation. You have done in your political life what you would not do in church. I’ve known “Christian” businessmen who justify doing evil in business in order to prevent what they think is a greater evil.

    God’s standard of righteousness is absolute. This is why Jesus had to die for even the so-called “little” sins. He is holy. He will judge us by the standard of His holiness. We’ll all depend upon His grace, but because we must depend on his grace is not an excuse to sin. (Romans 6:1)

    You are correct in your assessment that McCain is not perfect. Neither is any other candidate. The “not perfect” argument can be quite successfully used as an excuse to vote for Obama. Neither defends the liberty given to us by God as enshrined in the Constitution. I am not voting third party because my candidate, Alan Keyes, is our only hope. Our only hope is Jesus Christ and none other. But I can stand before God and be unapologetic about my choice for President, because I sincerely believe that Alan Keyes is a principled Christian with a knowledge of and a respect for the Constitution. He could take the oath of office and not be lying. McCain will be lying, should he take the oath of office, which I assume he has already done to become a senator. You, sir, are a Christian who is supporting a liar.

    I have not read, and don’t plan to read, the articles by Gary DeMar. If we are willing to do any evil at all in our political life, then we cannot depend on Almighty God to defend our nation. Without Him and His providential care, no strategy will save our republic.

    Your statement urging Americans to get behind McCain and pray like crazy says to me that you want to sow weeds and pray for a crop of wheat. Ain’t gonna happen.

    I want to ask you to read the career of King Ahab (I Kings 16-22). If you discard the spiritual “take” on his reign and look at it only from a standpoint of practicality and politics, he was a good king. Not perfect, but good. His marriage to Jezebel was a smart strategic move. He has gone down in history as an evil king only because the book was written by a man who feared God.

    I propose that those who vote for McCain because they fear Obama are lacking in their fear of God. However, I’m not your judge. I don’t think that God will judge you for voting for McCain, but He will not preserve America because you and so many other Christians are voting for the lesser of two evils. I surely hope that you are not reasoning that because you have voted strategically that God isn’t needed to preserve our country.

    The heart condition that led you to vote for McCain, if you carry that reasoning into other areas of your life, is dangerous for your spiritual well-being. Reconsider where you stand with God. Fear Him and you need not fear Satan or any of his minions.

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