For whom shall we Christians vote?

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A sister in Christ wrote to me asking for my insight in America’s next elections.  Here is my reply, modified to make it more understandable to those who don’t know us personally.

I’d still prefer to vote for Alan Keyes, but you have to be able to think to want him in office.  I can only echo your words, “Why in Heaven’s name didn’t the Constitution Party nominate him?”

Ron Paul’s attitude toward the war (get out now) that turned me away from his candidacy.

I think that Ron and Chuck Baldwin, as well as others of their ilk, have the idea that the Government should fit the vision of our Founding Fathers exactly.  The problem with this, from my viewpoint, is that we could get away with that in 1781, or at least we thought we could, for the Pond is big if all you have are the sailing ships of that day.  However, history shows us that it wasn’t too many years before the British regarded American sailors as British and impressed them onto their warships.  Result?  War of 1812.  We wanted to leave the Muslims alone in those early days, too.  Results:

  • Islamic piracy along the Barbary Coast
  • The establishment of the U.S. Marines.  “To the shores of Tripoli”.

Our Founding Fathers thought that war was too big a deal to leave to the President.  The Constitution gives the power to make war to Congress.  In this, I agree with Paul and Baldwin.  I believe that what should be done is for the next President to go to Congress and demand a declaration of war.  If he gets it, fine.  Put all the resources of the country behind winning that war.  If he doesn’t get it, then bring the troops home.  There needs to be a way to shut the mouths of critters like Murtha and the New York Times.  We haven’t had a declaration of war since WWII.

Let’s just assume that the resolution that Congress passed to authorize the war in Iraq was legit.  (It wasn’t according to the Constitution, which the President and every member of Congress are sworn to uphold, but I digress.)  It was a very short time after we took Saddam Hussein out that Bush declared victory.  He should have gone back to Congress and demanded another declaration of war to do what we’ve been doing over there since — eviscerate al Qaeda and allow the Iraqis to stabilize their government.  I don’t like the current Iraqi government, for they are wiping out the Christians, who’ve been there longer than Islam has been around.  The idea is to do things according to the Constitution.  If you don’t like constitutional constraints, amend it, but don’t ignore it!

My brother has a rule for seeking out a church:  If the church was founded as the result of a split or hard feelings in another church, avoid it.  Despite the fact that I disagree with many of his policies, George W. Bush is a brother in Christ.  I fear that Baldwin’s ignoring of that relationship because of politics is casting him in the same mold of other Christians who fail to apply Christian attitudes and principles to their political lives, their business lives, and other “compartments” of life.  What you are, you are.  What I am, I am.  I reject the idea that our Christian faith should not be practiced in our politics and our business.

We will not return to a Constitutional form of government even if Alan Keyes or a good, Constitutional President were elected because there are two other branches of the federal government that need a thorough cleaning out.  Without that, there will be stalemate.  So voting so as to restore a good government is not possible.  Whoever is elected President will, I believe, preside over the judgment of America.

When the Children of Israel under the kings who followed Solomon continued in idolatry and wickedness (despite a few revivals in Judea), what did God do about it?  He allowed His people to be conquered and deported to the very heartland of idolatry, Iraq.  (Both Assyria and Chaldea are in modern Iraq.)  After 70 years there, they were allowed to return.  The Jews have done evil things since then, including crucifying their Messiah, but what they have not engaged in is idolatry of the sort that they had practiced before.

We don’t want an evil government in place because we value our American way of life.  If there are those who will pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the end that we might have a righteous government such as was given to us, I don’t know who they are.  Shucks, do we even know what “sacred honor” is?  I have long held the belief that the way that God punishes sin, whether it be personal or national, is to allow us to suffer the natural consequences of our sin.  Those who will not pledge their fortunes in the cause of righteousness are likely to lose their fortunes anyhow.  (Easy for me to say.  I don’t have a fortune.)  But friends such as the one sitting across from me (my wife) and certain others, such as the one who inspired this post are a treasure that I will enjoy forever!  And nothing can take my treasure from me!

That said, let’s look at the situation.  Those politicians who profess to want to return our country toward a more Constitutional form of government are divided: Baldwin, Barr and Paul.  If they really cared, they’d put aside their differences and unite to give us one Constitutional candidate to vote for.  With this division, even if a majority of Americans want a righteous government, none of the three will be elected.  So, what will be left?

In a way, I hope that Obama, the very worst possible candidate, is elected.  He and a Democratic Congress will continue to oppress the people, destroying what freedom remains.  As the oppression increases, a revolution may be sparked, hopefully, a bloodless one.  I sincerely believe that only a revolution can restore our country.  It may be to establish a country with only some of the states, but being a resident of a small, weak, but righteous country must be better than being in a large wicked country.  The vote must be limited to those who know what they’re voting for.  America’s Founding Fathers were really a small minority.  New York City provided more troops to Britain than to the Continentals.  (This was a true civil war.  The War of Yankee Aggression was not a civil war.)

I’m not going to criticize any believer for how they vote this time around.  We don’t have any choices that are electable and who will have the power to turn this country around.  I have always lived my life according to what I believe is right in the sight of God.  Why should I change now?  I intend to continue to ask Him for guidance when it comes time to vote.

As of right now, I think that I’ll write in Alan Keyes as a protest vote.  There are a number of scenarios that could change this decision.  Hillary and Obama are trying to make nice with one another, but their followers are not.  The Democratic Party could disintigrate at their convention, leaving the Republicans as the Party of the Left.  The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party could get together behind one candidate.  McCain could appoint an acceptable someone as his veep, then die.  Ron Paul’s people could do at the Republican Convention what they’ve done at a couple of state conventions, use procedures to take the nomination away from McAmnesty.  The supposed Republican power brokers were able to just dissolve the state conventions.  They will not be able to dissolve the national convention.  (After all the noise Ron Paul’s supporters made earlier, it is strange that they appear to have faded into the woodwork.  I think that the operative word may be “appeared”.)

Although I cannot vote for it, my political statement remains as it is at the bottom of every email: “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Let us pray.  “Lord, let the wickedness of the wicked destroy them.  Let Your everlasting mercy preserve those who seek after Your righteousness.”


  • Katrinka Yobotz says:

    America’s Independent Party is the answer. Read the platform:

    Alan Keyes will be the AIP’s candidate in any State where we are able to put him on the ballot. In other States, Alan Keyes will be an independent candidate, and in some States, he will be an official write-in candidate.

    If Christians will but set aside their fear that “he can’t win”, and courageously vote for Dr. Keyes, then WE the PEOPLE will finally have an honorable President who can actually LEAD America out of the mess we’re in. If, however, Christians compromise their vote out of fear of an evil candidate, we will have yet another compromising president who drags us further down the road of destruction.

    We certainly aren’t making God a part of the process when we passively go along with secular big shots, and especially not when we choose a president who condones evil.

    It’s our choice. Fear or courage. Invite God in. Get involved.

  • This election has so many unique factors — prior notions about third-party or independent candidates don’t seem appropriate. Fully 75% of Americans overtly tell pollsters that our nation is on the wrong track. In this age of instant communications, it seems to me that it’s as easy to persuade tens of millions of voters as it is to persuade ten. I agree with Katrinka Yobotz’ exhortation for folks to get involved. A few months ago, the idea of getting involved in political campaigning (beyond the same kind of talking with family, neighbors and other friends as I’ve done in years past) or party-building was something that I had no desire to do. The prospects of McCain or Obama as president made me very receptive to Alan Keyes’ urging “If you don’t see a choice, make the choice.” Grandpa Lake is right that president alone isn’t enough to turn things around. I went ahead and registered as a Candidate for Congress here in Maryland, and I ask other God-fearin’, liberty-lovin’, sovereignty-conservin’ folks around the country to prayerfully consider doing the same. If God wants to save our nation, there’s nothing that can stop Him. That website that Katrinka mentioned is slated to start providing a bountiful set of tools for helping every citizen to become a leader. And every Tuesday and Thursday nights, the Keyes campaign hosts a “town hall” style public conference call. These have become known as “Ask Alan” calls, because Dr. Keyes is often on the line for an hour or so answering questions from all comers. The calls start at 10 pm eastern time. The dial-in number is 231-962-8000. The code is 340794#

  • Cary says:

    I am reading this from the 2010 viewpoint. All of Grandpa Lake’s remarks have been validated. This is a sad, wearisome time for those who hold fast to the Faith, of God’s Plan for America. I will believe that He is still in charge of my life, and surrendered to that Call on my life. May we begin to look to a deeper understanding of our political advantages as Christians. The Founding Fathers did not undertake any change, even the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, until they heard from God. In this, our own Independence Declaration must be preceded by effectual, fervent prayer. (James 5:16) We must now ask The Father to send men and women of character, humility and honor to stand for election to serve in Congress as His Representatives. In this way, we follow in the footsteps of those men who asked for His Favor and Help in the embryonic beginnings of this once great country.

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