Quest for Power

One of the terms used to describe God is “The Almighty”. One of the characteristics of mankind is the desire of individuals for power over the lives of other men. The connection is not coincidental for man is made in the image of God. The lying promise that the serpent made to Eve in the Garden of Eden was, “You shall be as God.” We may not be almighty, but the desire to be certainly characterizes our species.

In our world, we see the desire to exercise power over the lives of others acted out in many ways. Many people exhibit, within their own worlds, a passion to win, sometimes at any cost.

In our court rooms, it used to be just as shameful for a prosecuting attorney to pursue a guilty verdict for a man known to be innocent as it was for him to allow a guilty person to go free. After all, he represents a segment of the people in his republic. Today, the pursuit of justice, in too many cases, takes second place to the need of the prosecutor to win a conviction, regardless of the merits of his case.

In the political arena, many have sold their souls to the Father of Lies in order to gain power over the lives of other people. This desire for power doesn’t have its basis in the need of the governed to partake of the wisdom of the one who wishes to govern, but in the quest for power on the part of the politician.

Al Gore, one of these politicians, grew up in the home of a senator, a home of wealth, privilege and power. He entered politics with the idea of becoming more and more powerful. He got to a place that few Americans can ever hope to get – Vice President of the United States of America. But he wanted to be President.

In this quest, he sought not to better the people, but to use them to achieve his ambition. He saw himself as already powerful. “I gave you the Internet, and I can take it away.” The writer has no knowledge of what he might have done to think that he could make such a claim. My perception is that he thought he did, even though the claim evoked laughter from many that he sought to impress. My point is that, true or not, he needed to feel that he was powerful enough to deprive the people of the United States of this technological boon if they would not give him the power that he desired. He was willing to give to the people what he thought they might want in return for their acknowledgment of his supposed right to power, but he was just as ready to take it away from them if they would not. He was not elected. And he did not take the Internet (or anything else) away from the people.

Mr. Gore is now just another unemployed man. What is he doing with his time? As an advocate of the threat of man-made global warming, it certainly appears that he is trying to remain in the public eye as one who deserves power. One way to feel more powerful is to take power away from other people. It’s been well said that the power to tax is the power to destroy. He is not in a position to levy taxes on other people, so he is advocating that those who are in power do so at his behest. By “paying” for his exorbitant use of energy by giving money to a corporation that he owns, he has constructed an alibi that has the effect of proving that he doesn’t need to have his taxes raised, but he is perfectly willing that people without the disposable income that he has would be forced through taxation to suffer deprivation in order to meet the goals that he professes to have met through his financial manipulations. When one is taxed, that person loses control of the money taken. When one gives money to a corporation that he himself controls, as Al Gore has done, control of the money (and the accompanying sense of power) remains his.

Does Mr. Gore really care about the environment? I think that, if he did, he would seek to have all viewpoints regarding the causes of climate change examined rather than to espouse just one viewpoint. My belief is that he is trying to set himself up as someone who deserves power.

As the United States approaches the presidential election of 2008, look at all of the candidates of all of the parties. Analyze their words. Are they trying to convince you that they deserve to be given power? Those who desire power for themselves to the detriment of others are those who need to be denied power, regardless of their supposed gifts. Higher office should be offered to those who wish to use that office to serve the citizens of our great country. Such a person must know God as the Almighty Person in his life, that he might not be tempted to usurp that place himself.

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