Election 2008 — Good Versus Evil

Posted by Alan on November 26, 2007 | Subscribe
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Obama not salutingA friend sent me this picture. It reminds me of the saying “What you are doing speaks so loud that I can’t hear what you are saying.” This election, more than any other that I can remember is a “good versus evil” contest.

When reading about King Ahab of Israel, I note that from a political, secular standpoint he was a good king. It is from the standpoint of reflecting God’s rule that the word “evil” applies to him.

We Christians are called upon to vote for God fearing people, even though we may not agree with them on every issue. There are those who are willing to vote for an evil person because that person supports issues in which they believe. Some even redefine good and evil in terms of political issues rather than in the moral terms that God has stipulated in His Word.

While we consider this picture from a Christian viewpoint, dare we say that those saluting our national anthem are “good”, while those who refuse are “evil”? Does the fact that Hillary Clinton is acknowledging our National Anthem indicate that she is a morally “good” candidate?  The only thing that this picture says to me is that Obama is more consistent than the others.

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