With What Judgment You Judge

Posted by Alan on September 25, 2009 | Subscribe
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“For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” These words of Jesus Christ from Matthew 7:2 should cause all of us to stop and think. It is a universal principle of how God will judge us. We ourselves will determine how we are judged before God.

At our breakfast table this morning, my wife and I were discussing how a man who has been regarded as responsible for his company’s success for thirty years said something he shouldn’t have said. People contacted the company and said, “I’ll never buy your product again.” The offender was fired. The offender was wrong. He should not have said what he did. He has been judged. But those who demanded his “execution” — are they not aware that they have set themselves up before the Almighty to be condemned for one misstep after years of good behavior?

Have you determined that a person in your life doesn’t deserve to be forgiven for pain they have caused you? Then God will judge that you don’t deserve to be forgiven for pain that you have caused.

It is not by your standard — “I’m as good as the next person.” — that you will be judged. It is by God’s standard — “For whoever shall keep the whole (Ten Commandment) law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all”.

When you are about to judge someone, whether that person has offended you, or whether you have read about that person in the papers, ask yourself whether you are willing to have God judge you in the same way.  If you would not be condemned, then don’t condemn.  You are probably already guilty of having condemned others.  Pray to Him who paid the price for your sins on the cross.  Ask His forgiveness.  Acknowledge Him as your Lord.  Then, go and sin no more.

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  • Melissa says:

    I wonder how our peers would judge us if every word thoughtlessly spoken were to become public property? I cringe when I remember some of the things I have said that were hurtful or said only in anger without the real intention to offend. Gives new meaning to the prayer “Lord, please keep Your arm across my shoulders and Your hand over my mouth”. Praise God for loving and forgiving friends!

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