How can we relate to God as Father?

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This is not a theological dissertation. It’s a practical suggestion.

The Bible tells us that when we are born again into the family of God by acknowledging Jesus as our Lord, we are adopted as sons, that God becomes our Father in Heaven. His goal for us is not just an official statement that some sort of relationship exists, but a real, living person-to-person relationship.

How is one to have such a relationship with One whom we cannot

see or enter into conversations with as we do other people? Usually, a person visualizes God in much the same way that he sees his earthly father or grandfather. Sadly, some are forced to conclude that God must be the opposite of a father who has proven to be evil or abusive. Even among good fathers, there is a wide divergence of images. Somehow, it falls to each of us to find out what He is really like.

One thing we must do is to learn about Him. The best source of that information is, of course, the Bible. We may be assured that any accurate thing we might know about Him is consistent with what we read in Holy Writ. Still, learning about a person is not the same as getting to know Him, even if what we know is accurate.

The fact is that we finite creatures of flesh are not going to fully get to know the Almighty, infinite Father of Spirits. I am convinced that He will, if asked, reveal to us what we need to know to have the relationship that He wants us to have. So, here is my prayer:

Father, I want to get to know You, so that I might please you and that we might have a close relationship. I acknowledge that I probably “know” some things about You that just aren’t true. So I ask You to purify my conception so that what I do know of You is accurate. Help me to read your Word and understand from it what You want me to know about You. Cause me to have the experiences that will teach me the truth of Who You are. Help me to become the kind of person that You take joy in knowing as Your own. I ask this in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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