Finland School Shooting

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If you accept the view that we humans are made by our Creator in the image of God, you will regard human life as sacred, something to be valued.  If you accept the evolutionary view that we are the products of blind chance, then there is no reason to assume that human life has any more value than that of a squirrel.

If you look at the writings of the school shooter, you see him refer to things like “natural selection” and “survival of the fittest”.  These terms are inimical to evolution.  But he did what most evolutionists do not.  He carried the ideas of evolution to their logical conclusion.  His intelligence caused him to conclude that as an evolutionary product himself, he was entitled to kill those other products of blind chance whom he saw as inferior.

He was a fan of both Hitler and Stalin, men who were at enmity with each other, but who saw themselves as able to judge whether other people had the right to live.  Like them, he had the ability to do something about his judgments, although on a smaller scale.  He did.

Tonight, the people of Finland, among whom I dwell, are in mourning over the murderous act of this young man.  They are in mourning because they see no reasonableness, no logic in his doing what he did.  They should be in mourning because he acted upon what they taught him.

My wife, a product of the Finnish school system, says that the young are taught evolution in biology classes and creation in religion classes.  That’s one step up from American government education, anyhow.  But, it’s not good enough unless the young intellectual sponges are taught that one is false and the other true.  Both cannot be true.

The church has little moral authority here in Finland.  “Science” is the basis for truth here as elsewhere.  The EU has officially stated that a belief in evolution is the “only acceptable” doctrine for Europeans.  So be it.  Go bury your dead.  Mourn your own stupidity, for this young man acted upon what you taught him.

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