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Another dengue case found in townsville (Updated)

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Another dengue case found in townsville (Updated)


A case of dengue virus and other mosquito-borne diseases has appeared in rural South Australia after people living nearby were warned about an increase in the number of mosquitoes.

It is thought about half a million dengue cases have been reported in South Australia since September, with the vast majority in the Sydney-Melbourne region.

But an outbreak in north-east Perth has also emerged, raising concerns about health conditions.

“We have about 6,000 to 7,000 cases of dengue fever so we are really quite aware of where that is happening in our community,” said Dwayne Jones, chief of the health department of the town of Shillong.

“What’s really concerning for us is that they’ve taken the risk of dengue jarvees.comvirus to a greater extent in these coastal areas, the riverine area, in our town so they’ve increased the level of contact with those people in particular.”

Mr Jones said there was concern about the effect that the virus is having on local families.

“I’m worried about how this is affecting the families,” he said.

“It really is a huge burden on our own community.

“We all know, for example, that children are not getting the education that they deserve.

“A lot of families are in crisis of confidence.”

A case of dengue has been found at the Shillong Hotel as one of the hotel’s guests and has been rushed to hospital.

Hospital바카라 treating dozens of people

Local officials have told 10,000 people in the area to stay home, with about 750 people being admitted to hospital.

In addition, about 45 people have been confirmed by state and Territory health officials to have been infected with Zika and two are being treated for the virus.

Mr Jones says the high-risk people in Shillong, 더킹카지노along with a number of the affected villages, are still feeling the effects of the epidemic.

“I don’t think people have enough resources available to them to take any sort of action to stop it,” he said.

There have also been reports that a man, who is not aware he has been affected by dengue, has been visiting a hospital to consult about treatment options.

Dr Peter Hatton, from the Shillong Hospital, says he is treating thousands of people at the hospital for dengue fever.

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