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Model sophie applegarth defends posts of blackface costumes

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Model sophie applegarth defends posts of blackface costumes

By Jessica Catt

An Idaho woman says she is “disgusted” by the posting of blackface costumes on Facebook.

The post in question reads: “I was in my 20s in high school years ago and was taught that everyone is equal with me. Well jarvees.comguess what..I was not!”

Lisa S. Applegarth, 24, a senior who lives in Hildale, Idaho, made the statement Sunday on her social networking site,

Facebook users commented on the posts, which are meant to celebrate diversity and support women’s issues.

While the po바카라sts contained racial caricatures, they also displayed pictures of various minority groups dressed in blackface.

“I want to make clear that there are people on the basis of race and age and religion that I respect, as I do from the outside of this web site,” Applegarth said. “It does not reflect my views on race or religion.”

She went on to say that people of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds could celebrate their cultural and religious differences on the same page.

“I love our diversity and I want everyone to feel respected as a part of the LGBT community, but sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself on Facebook,” she said.

However, other users had questions about the comment and the reason behind it, according to social media monitoring site iSeeIt.

On Aug. 27, Lisa S. Applegarth posted a post that read:

This post is not offensive, just to the African Americans on the left.

However, on July 13, F우리카지노acebook removed the post, saying it was “inappropriate” as it reflected anti-black bigotry in an inappropriate way.

The post also included a photo of a black person dressed in whiteface.

Applegarth said she is upset by the racist language and is “disgusted at the thought that it reflects in any way how my experiences would have been otherwise.”

The Idaho State Treasurer, David Vrana, who is black and serves on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood Idaho, said the posts have been criticized for promoting hate speech against women and blacks.

“People like Ms. S. Applegarth are actively encouraging this type of hate speech against women and people of color,” Vrana said. “She needs to understand that this is what goes on inside her head and she needs t