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Arms shipment captured by Israel

Posted by Alan on November 6, 2009 with 1 Comment
in Politics
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The Muslim world has its shorts twisted over the Israeli capture of a ship carrying Iranian arms for Syria, even calling it a war crime.

I just don’t understand the hullabaloo. The missiles, rockets and such were supposed to go to Syria, who would send them over land to Hezbollah who would fire them into Israel. So the final destination of those arms was Israel and they are in Israel. The only thing that Israel did was to lower the carbon footprint of the transaction by getting the weapons into Israel without them being fired. Iran wanted those weapons in Israel! So, why are they complaining?

Environmentalists should be rejoicing that Israel was helping to reduce “climate change”. Instead, these same people are upset.

The “Religion of Peace” controls the politics of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, so I know that they rejoice that these weapons won’t be used to conduct war.

Can someone explain this to me?