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I want to move to Texas

Posted by Alan on December 26, 2008 with No Comments
in Politics

The following declaration has been making the email rounds.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it.  Some take what it says seriously and others regard it as just wishful thinking.  I take it seriously.  One of my brothers sent it to me this time.  I wanted to give him a thoughtful, realistic, Christian response.  After the original text of this declaration is my reply to my brother and to all who call themselves Christians.


Vision from a Pastor in Germany

Posted by Alan on December 3, 2008 with 13 Comments
in Lifestyle

One of my Digg friends sent me an email with a prophecy from a pastor in Berlin, Germany.  I’m sharing it with you, but I want to give you my take on it first.  I’m a bit skeptical of modern day “prophecies” because so many of them are private opinion presented as from the Lord.  (I guess that this is so that others dare not argue with them.)  What I look for when presented with a message that purports to be a prophecy is consistency with Scripture.  This prophecy passes that test.