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World’s Greatest Crisis — This Week?

Posted by Alan on September 25, 2008 with 2 Comments
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My wife and I believe in the soon return of Christ for His church.  We believe that His return might be this week.  We have prepared an explanation for our family and friends here in Finland, so that, if it does happen this soon, they will understand what has happened and not be subject to the deception of the antichrist.

I am putting this text here in this post, just in case any of my readers want to take it, modify it and give this message to your friends and relatives who are not committed to Jesus Christ as their Lord.


Constitution? What Constitution?

Posted by Alan on September 12, 2008 with No Comments
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Michael Farris wrote in a column on World Net Daily:

There are only two meaningful ways to interpret the Constitution. The originalist theory is that the words mean the same thing today as they meant when they were written and ratified. This is an approach that is necessary if we believe in both self-government and the rule of law. Self-government requires us to accept the meaning from the elected officials who made the law. The rule of law requires us to accept the rules established by the law as fixed principles until such time as another law of equal rank formally amends the first law.

The other theory of constitutional interpretation is the “living Constitution,” which asserts that the meaning of the Constitution changes over time. Words no longer have a fixed meaning. They now mean whatever the judges of today think they should mean. This is the rule of men, not law.

Obama’s theological wanderings may be interesting, but we have all that we need to know for voting purposes by the revelation that he is unwilling to address or follow the original meaning of the Constitution.

If he is unwilling to following the original meaning of the Constitution on life and death, why would we think he will follow it on anything less important?

Mr Farris makes a valid point, but what he points out about Obama is also true of Mr. McCain. McCain may be more “constitutional” in some of his views, but that is only because the Constitution agrees with McCain, not because McCain agrees with the Constitution.  Where McCain disagrees with the Constitution, his voting record shows that he is willing to ignore the Document.

America is defined by the words of the Constitution.  Because the Constitution is being ignored in all three branches of our federal government, the America that our founding creationists gave us is dead.  The idea is still alive in the hearts of some people.

Christians and Marriage Licenses

Posted by Alan on September 9, 2008 with No Comments
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A while ago I wrote a blog post that posited that it was sinful for a Christian couple to decline to deliberately include God and His will into the fabric of their marriage.

In the responses to an article in World Net Daily, California bans ‘brides,’ ‘grooms’, about the fallout of a California Supreme Court decision wherein the Court made a law(!) that overturned the will of the people by legalizing sodomite marriage.

The story is about a couple being denied a marriage license under the new law because they wanted to be Bride and Groom instead of Party A and Party B.  Among the Digg comments about the story are two links that give information I wish that I had known many years ago.  They point out that the government has no legitimate role in a God ordained marriage; only in one that excludes God.  Here are the two links: …

The Finnish Economic Experience

Posted by Alan on September 9, 2008 with 9 Comments
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In January, 2006, I moved from America, my home for over six decades, to Finland.  The reason was to marry the woman I love.  I link to that story here, but this story is to describe my impression of Finland’s economic system.  I think of it as “socialist”, but a Finnish friend took umbrage to […]