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Before a Christian votes, he must consider…

Posted by Alan on October 18, 2007 with No Comments
in Politics

In the conscience and heart of a Christian, and the remnant of a Christian nation, there is the natural and requisite commitment to principle, morality and the Holy Spirit that must guide our votes and our nominations. We are responsible before God for each and every endorsement that we make via the ballot, because each ballot represents the sovereign authority of our nation. It is without conscience for a Christian to cast a vote for someone who one knows will enact evil law, because the authority one deputizes to an evil person, via one’s suffrage, is an act of physically empowering wickedness. Giuliani, Romney, etc., are all absolute disgraces for a Christian to vote for, and I would never consider it. — Andrew Longman in World Net Daily

A GTK List Box in Ruby

Posted by Alan on October 9, 2007 with No Comments
in Computers
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I’m an experienced programmer, but new to Ruby and GTK. I need a list box for a project, but the Ruby/Gnome2 package doesn’t have one. So, I wrote one. This widget is documented with RDoc. Its comments reflect that it was my learning experience with writing GTK widgets. Enjoy. A GTK List Box in Ruby

No mortgage?

Posted by Alan on October 9, 2007 with No Comments
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That’s my dream.  I also believe in recycling waste.  Waste is cheap compared to new materials.  If I might use waste in building my home, I could save a bunch of money.  Enter papercrete, a mixture of waste paper, concrete and filler (sand, clay, etc.)  There seems to be a lot of research and experimentation going on right now.  “papercrete” in my search engine turns up a lot.  I like